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Find your best match among the Silicon Saxony members. The Dresden Club menu and search are left and right on top.

Dresden is often too sexy for me but I find it likable.

Palaisgarten Dresdencastle Dresden PillnitzZwinger Dresden

Simply Saxony - scroll through the Dresden pictures to see different weathers. 1,000 palaces, castles, fortresses, parks and gardens – Saxony provides rich grounds for lovers of magnificent architecture and beautiful landscaping. Visitors will find a wide range of styles in delightful locations, be it Medieval, Baroque or Renaissance structures, and many of them are related to the region’s most famous ruler, Augustus the Strong, who liked his residences to make an impression.

Keep exploring palaces, castles, parks and gardens in the castle land around Dresden.

My name is netguru but you can call me nerdette's lover.

Dresden ConceptDresden rooms

Dresden Concept is not only the power on your side but also the difference. In the end we've all lived in a universe of synergies, powerful enough to know that we don't know much. Many nanomaterial technologies were unthinkable without the greatness of August the Strong. If we cannot do great things, we do small things in a great way.

The Dresden Concept for more Singularity


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